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Close the Glass Loop is an industry action platform to unite the glass collection and recycling value chain, and to establish a material stewardship programme that will result in more bottle-to-bottle recycling. 


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At the heart of a Circular Economy

Glass has long been leading the way in circularityMade from recycled glass and raw materials found in nature – sand, soda ash and limestone – it’s 100% recyclable, in a closed bottle-to-bottle loop. What’s more, glass never loses its intrinsic propertiesno matter how many times it is recycled. This means it can be endlessly recycled, as long as we keep collecting it properly. 

We’ve been collecting and recycling glass packaging for over 40 years and have achieved a collection for recycling rate of 76%. Now, we want to go even further. We’re setting out to boost collection rates to 90% by 2030. And we want every player in the glass ecosystem, no matter where they fit into the loop, to join us. 

1. Design: packaging designers, glass manufacturers, brands

2. Production: manufacturers, decorators, accessories, national associations

3. Brands: wine, spirits, beer, food, water etc.

4. Distribution: logistics companies, retailers

5. Consumers: European consumers

6. Collection: European consumers, national and local authorities, municipalities, EPR organisations, PROs organisations

7. Recycling: cullet processors, waste management companies

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