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Close the Glass Loop is an action platform to support efforts towards increasing glass collection & recycling across Europe, towards the shared ambition of achieving 90% glass collection for recycling by 2030. Discover our projects and initiatives in our priority areas. If you have project ideas, do not hesitate to get in touch and we can find a way to support you or to connect you to the right people.


Municipalities are one of the key actors of the glass recycling value chain, at the closest point to the consumer and the point where consumers dispose of their waste.

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Hospitality Sector

There are approximately 2 million hospitality establishment in the EU27+UK and a key challenge to meeting the Close the Glass Loop target is to increase the glass collection rate in a highly diverse and fragmented hospitality sector.

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Closed Loop Recycling

Closed loop recycling has a key role to play in a well-functioning Circular Economy that keeps resources productive in the economy for as long as possible, reducing the use of virgin raw materials and emissions, and saving energy.

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90 Minutes to Close the Loop

90 Minutes to Close the Loop is the web series of Close the Glass Loop dedicated to glass collection & recycling.

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Brands in Action

Close the Glass Loop is a partnership of European associations, including those representing brands and fillers in different product segments.

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