Closed Loop Recycling

Glass is 100% and infinitely recyclable in a closed bottle-to-bottle loop, without losing its intrinsic properties. Closed loop recycling has a key role to play in a well-functioning Circular Economy that keeps resources productive in the economy for as long as possible, reducing the use of virgin raw materials and emissions, and saving energy. It is a guarantee that the packaging placed on the market has the highest possible recycled content. The closed loop recycling of glass packaging is a reality in a highly integrated system, from post-consumer waste to high-quality products for new bottles and jars. Close the Glass Loop aims to track the performance of packaging glass recycling year on year.

Glass Packaging Recycling Performance Report

Throughout December 2021 to October 2022, Close the Glass Loop conducted an online survey to evaluate the performance of glass packaging recycling in Europe. The survey was distributed to members of FERVER (European Glass Recyclers’ Federation) and FEVE (European Container Glass Federation), as well as the 11 National Platforms of Close the Glass Loop spanning Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. In total, 30 responses were collected, with the data reflecting the year 2019.

Performance Report

Glass collection for Recycling 2021

Close the Glass Loop is following the progress of glass collection for recycling rates, and annually releasing the results in conjunction with the platform's establishment. The most recent collection for recycling rate is provided below.

Glass Collection for Recycling Map

Roadmap to Optimise Closed Loop Recycling of Glass Packaging

The goal of this Roadmap is to set a pathway for Close the Glass Loop to further support the continued optimisation of the closed loop glass recycling process. In the context of closed-loop glass recycling, sorting glass coming from collection to get furnace-ready cullet as well as remelting furnace-ready cullet into new glass containers are both part of the virtuous recycling chain of glass.

Roadmap Closed Loop Recycling

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