Products in glass bottles and jars are usually consumed and discarded in two major points of consumption: households and Hotels, Cafés and Restaurants (Hospitality sector). The collection of empty one-way glass containers is therefore heavily reliant on municipal waste infrastructure and on disposal from hospitality operators. There are approximately 2 million hospitality establishment in the EU27+UK and a key challenge to meeting the Close the Glass Loop target is to increase the glass collection rate in a highly diverse and fragmented hospitality sector. Close the Glass Loop is currently building up knowledge and resources on the contribution of the hospitality channel towards achieving the objective of 90% glass collection for recycling.

Study on assessing one-way beverage packaging in Hospitality

Close the Glass Loop investigated glass packaging waste in the hospitality channel. The study provides a summary of the market characteristics & recycling performance of the hospitality channel across the EU-27MS + the UK, and the waste management governance models available to hospitality operators in 10 of the European countries that have Close the Glass Loop national platforms, namely: Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and the UK.  

Hospitality Study

National factsheets

The hospitality study showcased and assessed the importance of the hospitality channel for glass collection. By providing an extensive array of quantitative and qualitative data, this research delved deep into the significance of glass packaging within the hospitality sector. As part of its efforts, Close the Glass Loop has crafted national factsheets to encapsulate the key findings from this study. These fact sheets encompass various essential statistics, including the distribution of hospitality establishments, the comparison between one-way glass beverage bottles and all glass beverage bottles in the hospitality sector, the annual consumption of one-way glass beverage packaging in hospitality versus all glass packaging, and many other  details that can be accessed through the link below.

National Factsheets

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