30 March 2023

New Study on One-way Glass in HORECA Sector

We're thrilled to announce that for the first time, during Episode 9 of 90 Minutes to Close the Loop web series, we have revealed new market data on HORECA establishments across Europe and estimated the share of products packed in glass that are consumed in the HORECA channel. This study is a critical part of our roadmap to increase the amount of glass packaging that is collected and recycled in the HORECA sector.

Our findings will help us better understand the current state of glass packaging in the HORECA industry and identify areas where we can improve collection and recycling efforts. With this knowledge, we can develop more targeted solutions and initiatives to promote sustainable waste management practices in the HORECA sector. To get a better understanding of glass packaging in the HORECA sector, Close the Glass Loop commissioned Oakdene Hollins, a circular economy consultancy, to provide an analysis of a Global Data dataset on glass packaging for beverages in the HORECA sector. The full report and a visual summary of the study are available for download below.