20 November 2023

HORECA National Factsheet for Belgium

In number of establishments and density relative to population, Belgium has a modest hospitality sector.


Close the Glass Loop investigated glass packaging waste in the hospitality channel. The study provides a summary of the market characteristics & recycling performance of the hospitality channel across the EU-27MS + the UK, and the waste management governance models available to hospitality operators in 10 of the European countries that have Close the Glass Loop national platforms.

From our detailed study packed with lots of numbers and complex information, we’ve crafted easy-to-read national factsheets. These handy sheets sum up the most important stats and key details for each country in one place. They’re like quick snapshots, making it simple for everyone to understand the main findings without getting lost in all the data.

Belgium stands as a European exemplar in efficient glass collection for recycling, boasting the continent’s highest collection rates. This well-functioning system extends seamlessly to the HORECA sector, where the collection of glass packaging operates with remarkable effectiveness. Given Belgium’s top-tier performance in overall glass recycling, it’s no surprise that its HORECA-specific collection strategies align seamlessly, ensuring an exemplary recycling approach even within the bustling hospitality industry.

In number of establishments and density relative to population, Belgium has a modest hospitality sector. This may explain why there is a relatively large amount of tonnage of one-way glass beverage packaging per establishment, with Belgium ranking 7th overall. In unit terms, however, there are very few one-way glass beverage bottles in HORECA compared to all glass beverage bottles placed on the market. This is also confirmed with a low share of one-way glass beverage packaging tonnage compared to all glass packaging, as well as low kg/capita consumption. This may be due to high levels of reusable glass packaging in HORECA, as well as high levels of home-consumption of products packed in glass.

The study about One-way Glass in the HORECA Sector is available through the button below, while you can download the national factsheet from here.

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