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Close the Glass Loop is a partnership of European associations, including those representing brands and fillers in different product segments. But when it comes to packaging, brands and fillers are responsible for the packaging they place on the market. Our goal is to showcase projects and initiatives taken by brands that can drive the collection of glass packaging at household and HORECA level, as well as the uptake of recycled content into new glass containers. In particular, we have launched the project “Journey through Sectors”, but brands are also regularly featured in our best practices and case studies.

Spirits - Episode #1

In the first episode of "Journey through Sectors" we explored the world of the spirits industry and their determined efforts to help us achieve our 90% glass collection for recycling target.

  • Why is glass packaging such a widespread packaging material for spirits?
  • What is the spirit sector’s vision on sustainability and what role does packaging play in achieving that vision?
  • What actions has the spirits industry undertaken to contribute to achieving the glass collection for recycling goal?

Take a look at the first episode on our YouTube channel:


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