Municipalities are one of the key actors of the glass recycling value chain, at the closest point to the consumer and the point where consumers dispose of their waste. They are also key players for the collection of glass packaging, being in charge of municipal waste management. Close the Glass Loop partners seek to understand how different local glass packaging waste collection systems operate across Europe, what are effective instruments to drive high recycling performance, and how framework conditions and local waste organisations impact the generation of glass packaging waste and its collection. Close the Glass Loop has 2 main action areas:

Glass & the City Dialogues

Through the project “Glass & the City Dialogues”, Close the Glass Loop engages with cities and local authorities to foster exchange of best practices on glass collection & recycling. The first episodes highlighted case studies from:

  • Düsseldorf: the use of underground bottle banks
  • Algarve: collecting glass in a touristic destination
  • Vienna: maximising the recycling of glass after incineration
  • Sicily: closing the glass loop on an island

Check "Glass & the City Dialogues" YouTube playlist below:


Through the development of studies, as well as qualitative and quantitative data, Close the Glass Loop aims to deepen the understanding of the role and impact of municipalities on the glass collection & recycling value chain:

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