12 September 2023

Journey Through Sectors – Spirits Closing the Glass Loop

Journey Through sectors is the most recent project, in which Close the Glass Loop will produce videos for each of the market segments currently represented in the platform to highlight the ambition and commitment of sectors using glass packaging to reach the goal of 90% glass collection for recycling.


By highlighting best practices and case studies, we hope to inspire and mobilize the entire glass collection and recycling value chain to take proactive steps.

Our inaugural sector spotlight features the spirits industry, where we delve into essential sector subjects such as the significance of glass packaging in the world of spirits, the key priorities for this sector in achieving glass recycling goals, the art of bottle lightweighting, and innovative bottle designs, among other fascinating topics.

πŸ”΅ Why is glass packaging such a widespread packaging material for spirits?
πŸ”΅ What is the spirit sector’s vision on sustainability and what role does packaging play in achieving that vision?
πŸ”΅ What actions has the spirits industry undertaken to contribute to achieving the glass collection for recycling goal?

Discover the answers to these compelling questions in our video on the CGL YouTube channel.