12 February 2024

A Roadmap to Closed Loop Glass Recycling – British Glass & WRAP

The report, collaboratively unveiled by British Glass and WRAP, presents a comprehensive examination of the existing glass recycling procedures in the United Kingdom. By leveraging the most recent data, the analysis identifies specific areas for enhancement in current practices. Additionally, the report delves into the realm of closed-loop recycling, shedding light on sustainable approaches to further optimize the glass recycling process.


British Glass has officially unveiled collaborative report with WRAP, offering an in-depth examination of current glass recycling practices in the UK. By utilizing the most up-to-date data, the report identifies key areas for improvement.

Drawing upon the latest available glass data for the UK, encompassing on-market placements, waste data, and PRN returns, the report presents comprehensive insights. Household collection profiles, categorized by local authority glass performance, unveil the highest and lowest performers for kerbside glass collections, providing a nuanced understanding of incoming legislation.

Within the report, findings and recommendations emphasize best practices for kerbside collections. Notably, it underscores the importance of avoiding co-mingling glass with other materials to enhance final cullet quality and elevate overall collection rates.

The full report you can find here.