6 December 2023

90 Minutes to Close the Loop, Episode 10

Can we avoid losses between glass collection and glass recycling? Is there a weak point to glass recycling? What are the main projects and investments to optimise glass sorting and recycling efficiency?

The objective of this episode was to highlight the measures implemented within the glass collection and recycling value chain to reduce losses and enhance the glass recycling process towards a closed-loop system. Based on the results of the Close the Glass Loop survey on the “Performance of Packaging Glass Recycling in Europe“, we heard from leading operators on the challenges and opportunities of transforming cullet into new glass bottles and jars.

Initially, Oscar Gomez Prieto, Team Leader (Green Deal, Circular Economy, and Waste Statistics) at the European Commission, shared enlightening insights from the Eurostat database concerning glass recycling statistics. Following that, a remarkable array of speakers presented compelling case studies and engaged in discussions centered around preventing losses throughout the collection-to-recycling process.

  • Stefano Cassano, Corporate Director of Production Materials Purchasing, Verallia
  • Nuno Vieira, Sustainability Manager, BA Glass (Case Study Presentation)
  • João Pedro, Mine and Cullet Operations Manager in Iberia , BA Glass (Panel Discussion)
  • Benedikt Heitmann, Managing Director, Reiling Glas Recycling
  • Ruud Dorscheidt, Manager Technical Support Glass Recycling, Sibelco


And if you missed the episode, you can watch it here and speaker presentations are below the video: