3 November 2023

Close the Glass Loop participated in #DareToHost Podcast by HOTREC

Vanessa Chesnot and Jean-Paul Judson took part in a new podcast by HOTREC to provide valuable insights into the Close the Glass Loop initiative.


Dare to Host is a podcast by HOTREC to discuss and explore the latest business news and trends in the European hospitality industry.

In the latest episode HOTREC invited Close the Glass Loop representatives Vanessa Chesnot, FEVE and Jean-Paul Judson to give an insight on the world of glass recycling in the European hospitality industry and CGL’s ambitious goal of reaching a 90% glass packaging collection rate for recycling in the EU by 2030 and its impact on the European hospitality sector’s path towards a circular, green economy.

How to Listen: You can listen to the podcast episode by visiting the HOTREC’s Spotify platform or by clicking the link below.

Listen to the Podcast

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We’d like to express our gratitude to HOTREC for the opportunity to participate in this podcast and share our story with a wider audience. We hope you find the episode both informative and inspiring.