8 March 2022

REGISTRATION #90MinutesCGL 6: Communicating about recycling. How to get consumers into the loop?

31 March 2022 | 14:00 - 15:30pm (CET)

In this episode, we’ll get insights from glass recyclers and manufacturers on the role and value of end-of-waste for closing the glass loop.

The quality of glass collection depends very much on glass bottles being properly disposed of at source. The cleaner the collection step, the better for the rest of the chain. However, if the consumer does not dispose of his bottle or food jar or flacon, that bottle will go to waste and it will be very difficult for it to come back into the loop.

The consumer plays therefore a critical role at the very start of the closed loop. In some geographies, there is a long tradition and history of separate collection, with a very high level of popular engagement with the principles of the circular economy. In other geographies, collection rates still remain relatively low. But even in those areas where there is a high performance, there is still room for improvement.

So what are the underlying drivers behind the “prosocial consumer” sorting his glass bottles and jars to allow for the most optimal route to close the glass loop?

In this episode of 90 Minutes to Close the Loop we will also travel to Portugal to discover the initiative Vidrio +, led by Smart Waste Portugal. Vidro+ is a multi-stakeholder partnership being set up in Portugal to work on ambitious objectives for glass collection & recycling.

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