23 December 2021

FIFTH EPISODE 90 Minutes: End-of-waste for glass. What’s the story?

27 January 2022 | 14:00 - 15:30pm (CET)

In this episode, we’ll get insights from glass recyclers and manufacturers on the role and value of end-of-waste for closing the glass loop.

Glass is the only non-metallic material that developed End-of-Waste criteria on the European level, with a dedicated regulation dating back to 2012.

While this criterium focuses on the waste status of a material in order to facilitate cross-border movement, it is also a tool for the circular economy when end-of-waste materials are effectively recycled. In fact, material that reaches end-of-waste status can be considered as recycled for the purpose of calculating the recycling rates in the European Union.

So is end-of-waste the end or the start of the story? What lies behind the end-of-waste status of glass and why is it one of the few materials to have developed this criteria? How does it shape the circular economy moving forwards? And are there any lessons learned for Close the Glass Loop?

In the best practice presentation, we’ll be hearing from Pernod Ricard’s “Recicla la Noche” initiative, raising awareness on the recycling of packaging in bars and restaurants of the Madrid area.

Finally, in the News Update section Vanessa Chesnot from FEVE will answer your questions on Close the Glass Loop platform!

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