14 October 2021

NEXT EPISODE 90 Minutes: Glass and the city. How to improve glass collection in big cities?

25 November | 14:00 - 15:30pm (CET)

With more than three quarters of Europeans living in urban areas, cities are the beating heart of life in Europe. Their population density means that they represent major places of consumption, whether in households or in the hotels, cafés, bars and restaurants of the city centres. 

When it comes to municipal waste management, cities face very significant challenges in order to effectively organise separate collection. Public space is on high demand and faces very tough competition for alternative uses. Private space is equally limited, with populations living in vertical housing and in households that have little room for the storage of empties. 

So, in this context, how to best organise a separate glass collection system? 

In this episode, we’ll be hearing from 4 different major European cities about the challenges they face on glass collection & recycling, the measures they have put in place to make the collection of glass more convenient for the consumer, and how they have worked with the rest of the value chain to achieve higher recycling targets. 

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