A higher recycled content is essential to decarbonize the glass packaging chain. Making glass from recycled glass reduces energy and CO2 emissions. This is already happening, but it can and must go further. Close the Glass Loop Netherlands wants to accelerate closing the cycle through more collaboration across the entire value chain. The aim is to keep glass in the future as a safe and sustainable packaging for companies and consumers. The kick-off meeting of Close the Glass Loop Netherlands took place February 29 at the Ardagh Group glass factory Dongen. During the meeting a number of concrete activities have been initiated among the participants to close the glass loop.


Contact Details:

Joost Lavèn, Sustainability Manager North Central Europe O-I Netherlands and chair SDV.

Robert-Jan ter Morsche, Governmental Affairs Director Europe Ardagh Glass and board member SDV.

Marguerite Ruys, advisor SDV.

Stichting Duurzaam Verpakkingsglas supports the close the loop of glass packaging:

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