27 June 2024

The EU’s glass value chain sustains a steady 80.2% glass packaging collection rate with record volume of collected glass!

Press release

The latest data released today by Close the Glass Loop shows that the EU average collection for recycling rate of glass packaging remained stable at 80.2% in 2022. Notably, the amount of glass collected kept up with the significant increase in the amount of glass packaging placed on the market (+4.5%), indicating a positive trend in glass collection efforts across Europe.


More glass packaging was collected in 2022 than ever before, reaching a record level of 12.4 million tonnes, representing an increase of about 542 000 tonnes over the previous year. The increase in volumes of collected glass demonstrates the resilience and commitment of the glass packaging value chain to increase the availability of post-consumer glass for the manufacturing of new glass bottles and jars,” says Adeline Farrelly, Secretary General of FEVE (the European Container Glass Federation) on behalf of Close the Glass Loop partners.

To achieve the 90% collection objective by 2030, it is imperative to further promote initiatives in the separate collection of glass packaging from households and the hospitality sector, and support investments that maximise glass recycling outputs towards closed loop glass packaging. The urgency of these measures cannot be overstated, as they are crucial for ensuring a sustainable and effective glass collection and recycling system across Europe. The mobilisation of National Platforms and National Action Plans will be essential to trigger the necessary actions to increase glass collection and recycling in each EU Member State. This year, we are pleased to welcome Romania and the Netherlands as new National Platforms, further strengthening our network and capacity to implement tailored strategies at the national level. Close the Glass Loop is seeking to develop more partnerships across Europe.

To achieve our 90% collection target, Close the Glass Loop national Platforms play a pivotal role,” adds Olivier Deweerdt, Secretary General of FERVER (European Federation of Glass Recyclers) on behalf of Close the Glass Loop partners. “The exchange of best practices and support for projects and activities at the national level are vital for increasing and improving glass collection for recycling. This will be reflected in our upcoming 2025-2030 Close the Glass Loop Action Plan.


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