28 January 2022

90 Minutes to Close the Loop, Episode 5

In this episode, our main focus was End-of-Waste criteria for glass - and what their introduction changed for the glass value chain.

End-of-waste (E-o-W) criteria specify when certain waste streams cease to be waste and become a product again, or a secondary raw material. Their goal is to boost recycling levels by reducing administrative burdens, ensuring legal certainty and a level playing field on the European secondary raw material market. E-o-W criteria for glass cullet were adopted in 2012.

Our keynote speaker, Emmanuel Katrakis, Secretary General of EuRIC  (The European Recycling Industries’ Confederation) provided an overview of the latest policy developments with an impact on E-o-W regulations, and reflected on its use in glass and other material streams.

Next, in our panel debate we were joined by practitioners representing both manufacturing and recycling sides of the glass value chain:

– Stefano Cassano, Director of Production Materials Purchasing, Verallia

– Martine Meuws, Managing Director, GRL Glass Recycling & Logistics

– Annelene Ikemann, Sustainability Director, Ardagh Glass Packaging – Europe

– Lucrecia Marin Espinel, Secretary General, ANAREVI

In our best practice section, Carmen Jiménez Melgosa, Communications and Sustainability and Responsability Coordinator at Pernod Ricard España, presented the company’s campaign ‘Recicla la Noche’. The initiative, run together with the business association Noche Madrid, aims at raising awareness of recycling in the hospitality sector.

We closed the episode with a Q&A session, with Vanessa Chesnot from Feve answering questions on the Close the Glass Loop platform.

You can find the presentations below.

And if you missed the episode, you can watch it here: