4 April 2022

90 Minutes to Close the Loop, Episode 6

Our focus in this episode was communication about recycling to consumers. How can we get them into the recycling loop?

Our keynote speaker, Michelle Gibbons, Director General, AIM – European Brands Association provided an overview of the AIM’s initiative ‘Nudging for good’. It encourages brands to involve in changing positively customer behaviour.

The panel debate gathered glass value chain practitioners, providing examples of successful communications campaigns:

– Mariona Cruz Juli, Marketing Coordinator, Ecovidrio

– Monika Piber, Public Relations Manager, Austria Glas Recycling GmbH

– Barbara Maciałczyk, Marketing Manager, Ardagh Glass Packaging – Europe

– Mihail Mitev, Customer Services Manager, ECOPACK Bulgaria

In our best practice section, Luísa Magalhães, Executive Director, Smart Waste Portugal, presented a new multi-stakeholder platform Vidro+. The initiative aims at boosting glass collection and recycling in Portugal.

You can find the presentations below.

And if you missed the episode, you can watch it here: