6 January 2023

Seasonal Variations in Glass Collection – Christophe Baron [Case Study]

In Episode 7 of 90 Minutes to Close the Glass Loop, Christophe Baron, Sourcing Leader for O-I in France gave us a glass manufacturer's point of view about seasonal variations in glass collection, especially during the peak of tourist season.

The increased number of tourists can lead to a higher volume of waste, including glass, being generated in a short period of time. Tourists may not be familiar with local recycling practices, leading to a higher rate of contamination in the glass waste stream. This can make it more difficult for glass manufacturers to source high-quality, uncontaminated glass for recycling.

Watch our case study video with Christophe Baron to find out more:

This best practice was part of episode 7 of our 90 Minutes to Close the Loop series. You can watch the full episode here.