1 March 2023

Glass and the City Dialogues – Sicily

How is smart collection system contributing to the increase in total glass collection on Sicily? What is the secret behind the high rate of total glass collection and closing the loop in Sicily compared to other municipalities of Italy? How is the new logo helping the storytelling of circularity? Answers to these and many more questions you can find out in our new Glass and the City Dialogues with Marco Catalano and Ernesto Ghigna from Sicily!

The city of Marsala is dubbed as the Sicilian capital of the glass circular economy. From smart bins and smart collection to huge investments in infrastructure and technology to improve glass collection, Sicily is doing its best to become more circular and sustainable.

Joint effort of private and public sector, producers led by Sicilian winemakers and treatment plants is putting Sicily at the forefront of municipalities that are successfully closing the glass loop.

Marco Catalano, Sustainability project manager at SARCO and Ernesto Ghigna, European
marketing manager at O-I Italy explain it all in detail:


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