11 October 2021

New study: opportunities for municipalities in glass packaging collection

In our new study we explore the local approaches to glass collection in Europe. It provides an overview of the current framework conditions and waste collection organisation in seven European countries. It also compares the performances and highlights the parameters which are driving high collection and recycling results.

The Close the Glass Loop study, carried out by our partner ACR+, focuses on two aspects:

▪ A description and comparison of the “framework conditions”, e.g., every relevant policies, regulation, and economic instruments set in the seven targeted countries to enable and promote the recycling of glass packaging;

▪ An overview and comparison of how different local glass packaging waste collection systems operate across Europe, to highlight effective instruments as well as to better understand which contextual parameters seem to impact the generation of glass packaging waste and its collection performances.

These two parallel analyses intend to allow a better understanding of the similarities and differences of glass packaging waste management across Europe. The study also identifies relevant framework conditions and local instruments that could contribute to high performances. By assessing the impact of different factors on local performances, it aims to define criteria that will make it easier to compare different schemes.