30 May 2024

Research on the Extra Effort Required for each Inhabitant in the EU to Achieve a 90% Target

We conducted research to determine the additional effort required for each inhabitant in the EU to achieve a 90% collection for recycling rate to Close the Glass Loop.


Here are our main findings:

  • Across the entire European Union, each citizen needs to collect an additional 3.29 kilograms of glass packaging to reach the 90% recycling target.
  • Portugal has the most room for improvement, needing nearly 13 kilograms per capita to achieve the 90% target. However, knowing their dedication to Close the Glass Loop, we’re confident this figure will decrease significantly soon.
  • Four countries – Belgium, Luxembourg, Slovenia, and Finland – have already reached the 90% glass collection for recycling target. This achievement is due to their hard work, but they cannot rest easy. Reaching the 90% target is challenging; maintaining that level year after year is even harder.


Curious about your country’s performance? Find the map below for download to see the extra effort required per capita to achieve the 90% target.


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