29 November 2021

90 Minutes to Close the Loop, Episode 4

In this episode, our focus was on glass collection in big cities - and how to improve it.

Our keynote speaker, Gerko Brouwer from Circulaire Zaken presented the Roadmap on Circular Urban Resource Management, created as part of the Urban Agenda for the EU. He explained how cities can use it to develop a plan of action that improves resource efficiency and drives the transition to a circular economy.

Next, we heard perspectives on glass collection and recycling from Lydia Navarro Velasco (City of Madrid), Jože Gregorič (City of Ljubljana) and Ulrich Ix (Der Grüne Punkt, Germany). They highlighted measures such as providing convenient and quality service, raising awareness among inhabitants about correct behaviours, cooperating with stakeholders from the glass value chain.

Finally, in the News Update section, Vanessa Chesnot from FEVE presented the latest recycling rates for glass.

You can find the presentations below.

And if you missed the episode, you can watch it here: