8 September 2022

Glass and the City Dialogues – Vienna

How has Vienna ensured a steady progress in its glass collection & recycling performance? What perspectives do they have for the future? Watch our Glass and the City Dialogues with Florian Huber from the City of Vienna to find out!

Austria, and the City of Vienna, have a long history with glass collection & recycling. In this video, we go deeper into the ways the City of Vienna manages its responsibility over the entire chain of municipal waste management, in partnership with Austria Glas Recycling in the case of glass packaging.

The City of Vienna is also investing in Research & Development, in the field of separate collection and waste treatment, as well as the recovery of glass after incineration.

Florian Huber, who is responsible for Strategic Controlling for Waste and Resource Management at the City of Vienna, explains it all in detai:


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