18 March 2024

Towards a Close the Glass Loop Action Plan in Romania conference


On March 14, 2024, the “Towards A Close Glass Loop Action Plan” conference took place, hosted by the Circular Economy Coalition (CERC) in partnership with Close The Glass Loop. This event brought together a diverse array of stakeholders, including the Minister of Environment Mircea Fechet, members of various organizations, and industry representatives, to deliberate on the future of glass collection and recycling, with a focus on Romania and Europe as a whole.

The event provided a platform for stakeholders to share insights, experiences, and best practices regarding glass recycling. Discussions revolved around strategies to improve collection infrastructure, enhance recycling processes, and raise public awareness about the importance of recycling glass. Additionally, participants explored potential collaborations and partnerships to further advance glass recycling efforts.

You can download the event photos here.

You can access the presentations delivered by the speakers and watch the recording of the event below.